15mm Gang Member

Still on the 15mm figures at the moment and the Post Apocalypse gang member sets from Khurasan miniatures are pretty fabulous. Whilst I like the Ion Age figures a great deal, the Khurasan figures certainly pip them to the post in terms of crispness of casting – granted my experience is faily limited as yet and I hope to purchase the Prang Raiders set in the near future (this month’s freebie from Ion Storm is a robot monkey, which quite frankly I must have). As well as being impressed with the quality of the Khurasan figures I was amazed at how little time it took for my models to make it all the way from the USA, it was in fact much quicker than several UK based companies that have only been a few hundred miles away! Well done Khurasan, rest assured that my wishlist is ever growing.

Now, onto the painted figure, this was one of the Post Apocalyplse gang members that is frankly beautifully detailed. Simple, elegant and a joy to paint I even managed to get a hint of lipstick on. This model (and the rest of the gang) would be great for the obvious Mad Max/Fallout type game, but I think they’d make great Necromunda Gangers or Space Pirate types.


Ganger1 Side

Thanks for looking.

15mm Gang Member

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