15mm Sci-Fi… the latest addiction!

So, after a little break and some time doing the dangerous thing of wandering around the interwebs looking at new miniatures I stumbled across the splendid world of 15mm miniatures.

Many years ago I painted up a few 15mm WWII units for a friend, but never really engaged with WWII miniatures generally and didn’t get around to exploring the scale any further. Fast forward a few years and I am suddenly beset with a myriad of different vendors whose ranges cater for every possible science-fictional taste and are no doubt eager for my hard earned cash! Since (as has probably been made abundantly clear) I am a slave to by baser impulses, I went shopping.

My first port of call was Alternative Armies (who I had first become aware of in the days of Slaughterloo) and their oh so very fun Ion Age range. I promptly purchased their Year One and Year Two Collections which contain a grand total of 24 of the monthly bonus figures that normally come with any order. These turned out to be a real surprise and, although a little chunky, are really great miniatures packed full of character.

So far I’ve painted one of the models, listed as a Female Legion Officer, and it was quick and fun. I’m going to be using her as the dastardly mastermind of an Intergalactic crime syndicate…. or something (faux superhero cape being a physical manifestaion of her delusions of grandeur).

Female Legion Officer 2

Female Legion Officer 1

There’s quite a few left to do, I’ve organised a few mercenary/loveable rogue types who’ll head up a series of good vs. evil antics, robots and aliens. There are however a few I’ll probably leave for some more seasonal adventures i.e. robot santa and Halloween witchy-poo lady.

I’ve also been spending some time customising some solo rules so I can actually get some gaming (for one) in. I’ll be posting some narrative games and more painted models soon

Thanks for looking.

15mm Sci-Fi… the latest addiction!

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