Dwarf Enchanter Finished!

Finished Armourer

This is a bit of a triumph for me, the first fully finished, non commission, non test-piece that I’ve managed to get painted in ages and it’s been a real treat painting selfishly! To be honest, having not painted at this scale for years this has really got me keen to focus some attention on the mountains of 28mm lead and resin that I’ve been gradually adding to over the years.

Firstly though, the rest of the warband needs painting. Ready to face the brush are one of the sword wielding barbarian types and one of the heavily armoured bruisers, looking forward to it.

In addition to this I’ve got some more 6mm Napoleonic Portuguese Infantry on the painting table, and I’ve got some plans for my 7TV Department X commandos…… thinking along the lines of Space 1999 Moonbase Alpha security forces, but more on that some other time.

More soon.


Dwarf Enchanter Finished!

2 thoughts on “Dwarf Enchanter Finished!

  1. Drachenklinge says:

    Quite a handsome little fellow. Although, the Dwarfs of Confro are not that little at all. Two questions: 1. the base is final, too? 2. where is the rest? It has been a while now. Don’t stop!! 😉


  2. I know, the Confrontation Dwarfs are the volume of at least two Human miniatures!

    1) At the moment the base is being left as it is, unfortunately I think it looks a bit like wet cement but I find the bases to be a bit of a chore to do and I decided to keep it quite dull (boring!) so that it helps the painted figure stand out.

    2) As you can probably tell from the blog, I have a real issue when it come to finishing projects (some as yet undiagnosed disorder probably) but I have every intention of putting some paint on another of the Dwarf crew soon.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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