Dystopian Wars Australians

Another huge delay in posting, although I now have a plan to be much more regular in getting models painted and photographed (he says)! My tendency to buy whatever I can at sale prices mean that I often end up buying in bulk and having more models that could possibly be painted, especially when done alongside the Napoleonic Commissions. Anyhow, I’m trying to make a bit more space for painting items for myself and at the moment the self indulgent work is very much based on Spartan Games miniatures – I just can’t get enough of them – and now have piles of boxes for Dystopian, Firestorm Armada and Planetfall which all need to be painted.

Having cracked open my Dystopian wars Australians I began by giving them an good clean as well as magnetising the turrets and guardian generator covers.

Magnetised Turrets:

Mangetised turrets

Magnetised Guardian Generator covers:

Guardian detail

Battleship turret variants:

Battleship variants

First painted ship, Australian Frigate:

Aussie Frigate

Okay, so they took a while to get prepped, but once all the fussy cleaning and drilling was done I love the general feel of the fleet. To me it has a kind of heavily armed merchant/mercenary feel to it – especially the sub tenders since they almost look a bit like converted trawlers!

I have an idea to paint all the fleet individually (I really don’t enjoy batch or unit painting), using a variety of different paint schemes to suggest a ragtag amalgamation of anarchists (no large ships for them!), outcasts, traitors and adventurers form a vast array of Nations and ideologies all working together….. for the time being…. for mutual self interest.

I’m planning to add ships and air units from at least the Italians, HEC, Black Wolf and hope to add even more to create the largest most disparate – and somewhat unreliable – mercenary force on the planet!



Dystopian Wars Australians

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