6mm British Hussars and Dystopian Wars Honourable Eclipse Company

6mm Napoleonics are a joy to paint. It’s really that simple and the constant demand for them ensures that I get lots of practice! Currently there is still part of a British Peninsular army in progress and I hate to admit that throughout many years of painting I still haven’t has a chance to paint up an army for myself, though I think the Spanish might be quite an enjoyable prospect. In this post however I’m putting up some finished Hussars and yet more Line Infantry.


British Infantry Batch 1

I also recently treated myself to an Honourable Eclipse Company battle group consisting of bombers, airships and a HUGE airship! Very lovely models although there were a few bubbles that needed filling, mainly the bubbles were on the tips of the bombs but since these face downwards I decided to chill out and ignore them (after all, I’m not going to be mounting them upside down!).

Here’s a teaser test model for my colour scheme, a Hades Class Small Flier, I’m quite pleased and think I’ll roll out this scheme across the fleet. Needs a bit more work on the glass though. This model was also my first experiment with Vallejo Washes, and they seem very pleasant to use indeed.

Hades Class Small Flier 2

Next on the list are the other 4 members of this squadron and some 6mm Napoleonic Portuguese Infantry (as well as British) which will be a nice change.

Currently reliving my misspent youth listening to Elastica and Eels, huzzah!

Beautifulfreak 41DX1112TVL

6mm British Hussars and Dystopian Wars Honourable Eclipse Company

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