A Difficult few months but life returns to normal-ish

For those of you who still look this way occasionally, thank you for persevering! After a few very difficult months with a tragic outcome life can now start to return to normal, well sort of. I’ve been managing to keep up with some commission work and a few smaller pieces on the side. Always a personal favourite, 6mm Napoleonics are always a joy to paint (even if I must admit I really don’t enjoy painting horses), these chaps are for a regular customer who prefers his own baseing so they’re only on the lollysticks for the camera.

Some Heavy Dragoons

Heavy Dragoons

Some Light Dragoons

Light Dragoons

Currently on the painting table are some Hussars and Generals, waiting for a solid pile of lead (British Napoleonics) to arrive from Baccus but I’m planning on getting some Spanish soon – should be quite fun to paint.

I’m busy selling off as much of my old Games Workshop gear as possible (gradually working through my epic pile, and 90’s Dwarfs), although I’m finding it difficult to part with my Warmaster Empire, Dwarf and Araby horde. Then there’s the discontinued Rackham Confrontation miniatures….. they’re just such lovely sculpts. Things come out to be photographed, and are then quietly packed away again.

In any case, this is in order to free up room and funds for my latest obsession – Firestorm Armada. Looking at some of the artwork of the great Chris Foss (must’ve been a source of inspiration for the epic Homeworld games) makes me want to paint up a colourful but deadly fleet, great looking models too (I must admit to being quite fond of the 80’s looking Terran fleet).

Classic Foss


Until next time.

A Difficult few months but life returns to normal-ish

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