Some Progress, and a delivery!

A quick little update with some progress being made on the pike, some rather jazzy blue feathers and highlights on the red fabric. Still quite a bit to do, the yellow and blue will be brighter as well as some nice shiny armour……… and the pikes, and other details and don’t even get me started on the flag. Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the progress and I’ve put up a couple of ‘as close as I can get’ shots to hopefully pick out some of the detail.

Main pike2

Macro Pike Ready2 Macro Pike March

Oh yes, and this lot arrived the other day:


Very exciting indeed, a 10mm Steppe Goblin army including Goblin Infantry, Wolf Riders, Stone Throwers, Spherical monster (space hopper) riding Gobbos and herders, Chieftains, Band, Trolls, Heavily Armoured Orcs, Warboss and GIANTS! That’s more upper case letters than I normally permit myself but this is very, very exciting.

Watch this space since this is my upcoming project, and I’m really looking forward to getting cracking on this green horde.

Music accompaniment of the evening? Found this in the back of a drawer, and am rather enjoying a nice little trip down memory lane.


Some Progress, and a delivery!

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